Monday, December 17, 2012

Thinking Hats Reflection of Netbooks

Point England has a reputation for using netbooks. I can hardly imagine this school with books now. 

Netbooks are useful because we can do our online maths at home as well as doing it at school. In fact we can do any learning at home as well as doing it at school. So that means we improve at any subjects. 

Things that I would like to improve on my netbook is that the hinges don't come off easily. And the screen is a bit small.The keyboard is too small, sometimes our internet is slow.

Instead of sharing our work with our class, with blogs we can share our work with the whole World. That is awesome.
 I would like my netbook to have better applications, for making animations.Making movies at Point England is what we like to do, so that means I would like a movie making program.

Camp Movie

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kiwis Music Video

My reading group, the Kiwis, have made and music video about a song named Crazy. Hope you enjoy

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Sisters 5th Birthday

On the 10th of December my sister had her birthday at Genghis Khan. My sister Eden was turning five. Me and my family got to Genghis and waited for the rest of my family to came. After about two minutes of waiting my  Grandpa and Grandma and my cousins  Showed up. They got here and then  We did our greetings took some photos and did a prayer. We got straight into it after that.

I went to get all of the cold food first like sushi,chili mussels, vegetables and fruit. Everyone else got the hot food first like French fries. I finished my food when my family arrived to the table,( you'll be surprised of how long it takes to get hot food.) I went to get me some meat, did you know that the special reason we go to Genghis Khan is that to get all the meat,(its an all you can eat buffet  and they have raw or marinated meat in rows and you get some meat put what ever sauce you would like like e.g: BBQ sauce, chili sauce and Honey mustard. add some spices and give it to the chef.He puts it on a  BBQ type thingy and it is perfectly cooked and seasoned by 2 Minutes). Amazing.

By the time I have finished my delicious dinner its time for desert!!!!!!YUM.I went up to the desert chef and he asked me "how many pancakes would you like", I replied " A mickey mouse shaped pancakes, uumm, and two please". So he got on with it, and when he was finished I put lots and lots of caramel chocolate and maple syrup.I also grabbed some marshmallows poked a hole in the middle, and squeezed chocolate and ate ate all up it was scrumptious.

After that everybody said there good byes, goodnight's and happy birthdays. It was an awesome day.

                                                          Happy B'day Eden

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Christmas Sentences

Placing the new brought garland over the mantlepiece, while I wait for my family to come celebrate Christmas, I look at the brushed ash on the hearth.
I had to do write a sentence and draw a picture.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Detail in sentences

Driving past the beautiful bright Christmas lights, I stopped to to think  I am looking forward to Christmas.

On the 24th of December me and my family were really looking forwards to to Christmas.

After doing our present shopping, I think to myself, I am looking forward to Christmas.

I am looking forward to my favourite day, Christmas.

I have been learning to add detail to the beginning  middle and the end of my sentences.which one do you like the best?

I am looking forward to opening present on Christmas.

I am looking forward to spending time with my family on the beach  on Christmas.

I am looking forward to Christmas lights appearing everywhere.

I am looking forward to Christmas because, of the presents.

I am looking forward to Christmas because it will be Jesus's birthday.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camp Bentzon

Last week most of the year sixes went to Kawau Island for camp.I was in Kawau,( that was my team).My favorite activity was kayaking, because we went to stingray bay and saw a lot of them, they were huge.I accidently hit one in the head and it rose to the surface and brushed the side of my kayak.It was awesome because we got to use our paddles to splash water at each other.

My least favorite activity was orienteering, because it was hard and confusing.We had to run around looking for letters to make a word,but the most confusing thing was that we had to use a compass and I did not know how to use them. At the end we found the words out and they were Optimus,Kayak,Raft and dingy .

Camp was awesome because we did fun activities. The camp Kings were Isara and Wyatt, and the camp Queen was Tyla. My team Kawau won camp bentzon ( because there was a points chart).

Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Benson

In one more day Most of the Year sixes( including me) are going to Kawau Island for camp. And I am in Kawau B ,( that is my team).

Kawau Island is where we will be having camp and it is called camp Benzon. It is approximately 45 Km from Auckland.

I am looking forward to Kayaking , Abseiling and the confidence course. I am hoping I do not get Mosquito bite.I would like to try bombing off the pontoon and the wharf.

I would like to experience the presence of the Kookaburra, the Peacock, the Weka and the Kawau Shag ( They are all birds). I would like to make a raft and see how it would float.

The thing that I think that the fitness trail will be hard because I am not that fit.I will try to improve and not stop the whole way.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Technology Test (Making a boat )

We had to make a boat out of paper and this is my one. The aim was to make it float for 5 seconds and fortunate everybody's was success.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poetry

At camp I hope not to tramp
While tramping I wish not to get a cramp
Hopefully my bed is not damp
I am looking forward to camp
I told everybody that I hurt my foot so I had to limp
Everybody was saying I am a wimp

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Did you know that Triathlon  stands for (Tri)Three (Athlon) Competitions ? On November the 7th (Wednesday ). Room 17 went to have a go at Triathlon with Adrian, Mark and Brett. He taught  us some of the places in Triathlon, Like Transition (Were you change from swimming to Biking).

We started by having a slide on a mat that we could slide on, with water( That was hosed down by Brett ) with some soap.You could only participate in this slide if you brought togs, and if you did not then you have to do laps until they tell you that you can enter transition.I had to run beside the sliding mat, and it was tiring.

After a tiring run I enter the transition  get my bike, and by the time I am in there I am coming third. I hopped on  the bike and rode as fast as Lance Armstrong. I drifted around the different corners.And on the last one I literally  Flipped off my bike because I broke the brakes. So I flipped.

Running my hardest I looked in front of me and Jacob was in front of me, I WAS COMING LAST.  So I sprinted to the finish line and I came 2nd to last. It was a tiring day , and I hope to try the real Triathlon.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush Story

“ Mum, may I go for a walk to the Treeroot bush walk with my friends? ”, I said to her (my mum) then  she replied,” Yes but you have to be home by six”. Hooray! I thought to myself  I put a pair of jean shorts and a tee-shirt on. I grabbed $17.00 and was off.

Picking up my friend Frankie at 15a Hollow st, I asked,” Do you want to come with me  to the Tree root bush walk,” Yep” he replied, we trotted off to the dairy to buy us some fizzies and some food.

“Come on Frankie its 4:00 O’clock and the walk is like 1 hour”, “ Fine”, Frankie said in a angry voice.We were at the entrance of the walk but the thing that was distracting him from coming was that  a man was beating himself up and say Malum Nemus meaning evil trees in Latin( we knew that from our latin teacher Mrs  Valterher)

Walking into the bush I suddenly felt the cold winds whistling louder and louder and louder. The further Frankie and I walked the wind grew stronger the I was a bit freaked out so I said to Frankie while he was drinking his coke.” We should turn around”.BOOM Malum Nemus whispered the winds, then the strong winds stopped.” actually lets keep walking.So we continued to walk.

It was 5:00 pm and I did not know where I was, “Swish” something had grabbed Frankie’s leg and pulled him into the dark shadows of the bush the wind said again Malum Nemus I ran into the dark corner to see where Frankie was. There he was tied to the tree with the root covering his face and his body, He was gone. I closed my eyes in fear and ran to the entrants of the walk,” It grabbed my leg so I kicked it away I reached the sunlight and whoosh it turned into dust. First I ran to Frankie's house to tell his  mum , but when I got  he was safely at home  playing ps3!!

My Narrative Story About the Point England Dairy

`“GET TO THE SHOP AND BUY ME A FANTA”! My stubborn brother demanded, he gave me twenty dollars and expected me to come back with $17.50. Don't think that will happen.noticing a suspiciously car following me as I walked angrily to the pt england dairy.I was thinking what a stink way to start  off the weekend. Near the dairy I saw these middle aged men planting something on the road, so I screamed,” Sol’e  stop littering”. They stared at me with an evil look, they sent a shiver up my spine... … …

The first man ran at me with, from my perspective looked like a knife and some Lynx. But the next man reached into his bag  and brang out a lighter and darted for me. They held my mouth,  then saw the policeman in a holden commodore  and an old woman in a car ratty old car they smiled. The two men had an evil smirk on there face while smoking a cigar. I said “Stop smiling you stupid smelly good for nothing wannabes”. The men were furious they decided to push me on the road.”Boom, BOom,BOOm,BOOM”. A bomb was planted in the road and the two officers were flinged from there car all the way up to the sky, unfortunately, the old women and 16 pedestrians died.

I ran to the shop and sprinted to the fridges at the end Asiel,(that’s where the drinks were), I brought a fanta  and turned around, But to my surprise those two men were threatening the Mexican shopkeeper.He was forced to give the two men milk honey and money.The shop keeper reached into the counter and pulled out a flamethrower in the right hand and a minigun in the left. He shouted”Astalavista baby” I got the  fanta, and ran for the counter and stood on the men like a hero would do.

I said to the shopkeeper” Can I finish them off please ”, Yep he replied. He gave me the gun but I shoved it away, I went and got 7 liters of milk and honey and poured it on them ,Rey mysterio ( that was his name because, it was on the name tag.) said that will be $11.50, “What a rip off, $9.50 for a fanta ”, I said, he said”Nope you spilt  the milk and honey, pay up or I will six one nine you” He replied.So I payed for the milk,honey,coke for me, fanta and three packs of lollies . The Mexican walked out of the counter and slipped on the milk and honey, he was concussed.

I called the Cops and Ambulance,I told them the whole story they were amazed of how much destruction the terrorist  did in this area. First they were taken to hospital and one of the Pakistani people (They were Pakistani) Died of being shot by a minigun, but the other was just burnt.

One month later the man who was still alive (named Howard Abdul) went to court and was sentenced  to death in public. He was sentenced to die by being Injected by a Lethal  Injection, on a Electric Chair in a Gas Chamber. Due on the 20th of november(by the way it is the 18th of november).

It was the 20th and I was invited to be in the guest seats.They were gold chairs dotted with diamonds. People from all over the world came to see this event in vector arena.It was horrifing it was like a horror movie but I was in some way happy. I went home crying. And when I got home my brother said” You Sook”, But I was not crying because of the death of the man I was crying because of the tear gas. “Sssssnnnnn heres ssssssnnnnnn your bottle sssssnnnnn”. Everything went back to normal from that day forward  on, and at school some people thought that I was a Cyborg and some just thought that I was cool... … …

                                         The end

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Subject Poem about samoa

1.Kava Samoa
6.Pacific Island
9. tsunami 2009

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Subject Poem

I have done a subject poem that describes N.Z, and here it is:
2.Nuclear Free
3.Pohutukawa trees
4.Silver Ferns
5.All Blacks
9.First country to let women participate for voting  the new president
10.Mad Butcher

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Haiku

Summer Winter

Summer is so hot winter is so dull

I enjoy the nearby pools   the pools are frozen
I like cold beaches the flu is common

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My biography poem

My name is Esrah
I am Brown,Samoan,Tall
I am a big brother to Eden and Eva and small brother to Erene
Lover of, Butter chicken, rap, ps3, NBA and family
who feels depressed that the holidays have come to an end.
who needs air, water, food and life

who gives people a hard rugby game, and who gives money
who Fears scary clowns
who would like to see, God, Midwest choppers, Michael Jordan, Earvin ('Magic') Johnson, and many more NBA players,WorldWide Choppers, all of the legendary  sport  and rapping people. I would like to go to Alaska,Hawaii,Lebanon, Israel and the republic of Congo and all the country's in the world except for Iran,Iraq,Pakistan and Turkey.

.Resident of Mt Wellington in Auckland.

                                                                                                        The End

                                                                                         Thank You For Reading

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Pankration Animation

Here is my movie of pankration an ancient Olympic sport. Hope you enjoy.

A Variaty Of Sentences About White Tailed Spider

Screaming and shouting is usually what girls tend to do when they see a spider, because the are afraid.

It also has two palps at the front of its body that it uses for grooming and tasting.

Using their palps to taste and groom, they are very vain.

Screaming in a high voice my sister would shout, “aaaaahhhhh,’’ if she saw a spider. “kill it, kill it,’’ she would scream, jumping up and down.Eight scary eyes were gazing up at her.

My Narrative Story

In Samoa  Ana and her family woke up to what they think would be an ordinary day. They got ready for school.

They all tumbled over like clowns rolling on barrels, It was an earthquake. Ana thought that it was Mafui’e the earthquake devil would be doing all this. But Ana’s after the shake mum said “ There is not that much damage to the village so that was not Mafui’e”.Anas mum tied a bun in her hair  as fast as she can because she was in a rush.

Ana went and gathered all of her stuff to go to school. She walked outside and saw the water had gone back and the shore looked like mud.Even the coral reef could be seen from where she was.  Fish were flipping in shallow waters, looking for a place to swim. The water pulled back further and further and further.Ana shouted,”Mum, Niko, come and look the sea is running away and everything is turning into mud”.Sina ( the mum) was too busy to come, so Niko did and he said,” what happened to all the water’.Than all of a sudden the water came back and covered the reef again, they were relife. But it rose more and more.” Tsunami run”, shouted Niko. Sina looked confused but when she saw the wave she picked the two little ones up, Mika and the baby. The whole village was running now in search of a hill.

Niko and Sina  ran past the garden up to the steep hill Ana was too slow, so while the wave washed away the village Ana was washed away to. She swam rapidly away from the tide. When she was about to give up hope when she heard the shout of Niko,” Ana”, And again Ana”, He jumped onto a branch and grabbed Ana’s Bun. She was complaining, Ow that hurts Ow.He giggled in relief. And pulled her up. They went to look for there parents. Luckliy nobody died in her village. This happened in Samoa and Tonga.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Olympic day

Did you know to end our rubric for this term we had a Olympic day? We got given countries to  represent . I was representing Scotland, and  my leader was Matthew Timoko. To dress up in the colors  of scotland I wore a cap that is blue and white, a blue top and  black pants. I was so hot because we played sports the whole day. And after school I had Basketball training.

We did a march at the start and Miss Va’afusuaga Gave points to the best county. I hoped it was us. When the hooter rang for the Pt england Olympic games to start. The first game Scotland played was three legged soccer. Me and my partner ( Shayne) had to strap our legs together  and kick the ball into the goal. Luckily Shayne got a goal. We won that game and got five points for our team. If you had a great sportsmanship you would either get 1,5 and 10 points.

My favorite game was basketball. I got one goal. But The big kids didn't want to be in my team until they saw my moves. Mrs Barks  was the referee.

On friday we got the result of what country won. Argentina and Italy came 3rd equal, Spain came 2nd and Ireland came 1st. All of Ireland got a crunchy bar. The whole school was satisfied.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My scary beach story

On Friday the thirteenth of January 2012 me and my buddys Jonathan and Frankie went to the beach.  A cool breeze brushed our faces as we swam, at Dragons Cave  Bay. They say that a lot of sea monsters live in these waters, and not to swim down here. My parents know that I am out with my friends swimming, but the thing that they don't know is what beach I am at. They warned me but I did not take there warning.

Swimming in this unusual greenish bluish water. We felt the current  pulling our legs towards this cave that is not visible from the shore.  I saw these words carved on the clunky rock reading  Extraho specus ( meaning dragon cave in Latin). The waters had patches of hot boiling water and  freezing cold icy water. I clicked, that must be the cave my friend Howard said was the home of sea monsters . I looked under my feet and saw this mouth latched onto me. I screamed to Jonathan and Frankie,” We are being dragged,” but when I looked at them they had no Head. So I closed my eyes with fear, thinking this is all just a dream.But it wasn't.

When I entered the cave,  I  saw all these mythical, ( well not any more) creatures. There were eight hydras ( they are fire breathing dragons with nine heads each) a pterodactyl ( a prehistoric   flying killer bird), nine Fire phoenix’s ( they are firebirds), and many more. I was almost scared to death.  

It wasn't until I saw the words US  Military camp. I was filled with hope that there was a mini gun or something around here. I thought I was in Oprah Winfrey’s golden spa. But when I opened my eyes I was in a hot pot that was on top of the fire phoenix. No wonder it was hot. I turned my head and saw them finishing the leftover body parts of Frankie and Jonathan. In the darkest corner of the cave I saw all kind of guns and bombs but there was this little red button that said ‘release nuclear bomb’, I was bound to not press that button.  I was setting up my plan. I hoped it would  work if they did not eat me right now or tonight.

Luckily for me they were saving the best for last, me. As the terrifying  creatures slept I put my plan into place. I snuck past Minitor ( he is a huge buffalo with tremendous strength) Medusa, ( If you look at her you will turn into a statue and has snake for hair) Hesperian ( he is one of the biggest dragon in the history of dragons),  and last but not least  fire serpa (she is a fire snake). They were the guards I think. I picked up  a M202A1 FLASH( that is a four shooter rocket launcher ) and I shot the head of   the minotaur medusa Hesperian and fire serpa. Everybody woke up and darted straight at me . I quickly  picked up medusa’s head really fast  and before her half  blown up head was completely dead  I managed to  freeze fire serpa ( she did not get affected from the missile. I shot all the dragons with a minigun on the last bullet  I killed the  Euryale she is known for her loud and dreadful screams.

Then out of nowhere  a bunch of creatures came and they were like the fathers of monsters. They were like two time larger than the other monsters. I was so sad this might be my last days. So I stepped into the cupboard that had the button ’Release Nuclear Bomb’. I said a prayer then pressed  the button. Every monster died in the Nuclear explosion. You'd think that I have died and wondering how I lived to tell the story.

When I pressed the button the floor dropped me into a submarine or something. I was safe. My parents were relieved. I received the medal of honor presented to me by Barack Obama the president of USA. But little did I know the explosion caused  GodZilla to wake???????????

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Duffy Assembly.

Did you know that on the 12th of september 2012 we had an duffy assembly. It was funny because  we had to wait for Jo Holley we sang songs with Mr.Jacobson ( the tall one).

While we sang songs Mr.Jacobson ( the little one), introduced  the people that provided the books for us. They were from the Bucklands beach Lions club. There names were Austin and Ron. They are a charity.

Finally Jo Holley came to assembly she told us the shows she was on , they were Squirt, Sione’s wedding 2 and next year  she will be on ITM fishing show.  She said that actors don’t always have to remember their lines. Theres a thing called a Audio-Que. It says all their words. On the news see if there eyes are moving up and down or side to side.

At the end we got our box of books. I felt good. It was a very Good experience

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Awesome Rugby Tournament.

Did you know that on  the 6th of september 2012 the under 50kg,under 40 kg and over 50kg rugby teams from pt england, went to a rugby tournament on the pt england reserve? I played two games for the over 50s and five for the under 50s, thats more then everybody else.

The first rugby game we played was against   Tamaki Primary. I had to sit out on that game because in the start of the match I was on the field  I snapped my teeth together and thought, I have no mouth guard. so I told my coach and had to run all the way to my bag and get it. I didn't play in that game. To my surprise at the end of the game two of the players in my team who scored two tries each hadn't played with any mouth guard, they had to go and get them. The coach Robert was furious We won 7-0 to us.

Did you know that I got to tries? My friend Jonathan got 9 tries out of six games I got 2. He did the Usain Bolt sign  when he got a try once.That was funny. My first try was the greatest. When I got the ball from Jonathan I sprinted as fast as I could , I swerved around players, I bumped about two boys off. When I was near the try line I heard Jabez shouting,”Pass Pass”. I just ran and fended off a guy and dived. They called me cheater, but I didn't care.

I stole about 16 balls with a technique my brother taught me, I felt like David Pocock the best ball stealer in rugby history( to me). They were frustrated when I stole the ball, They were like.Huh where has the ball gone, aaawwww that boy ( thats me) stole it.I love it when that happens.Once when I was playing in the over I was trying to steal the ball, my team was counting on me to steal the ball, I was doing it with nobody by my side . Then a guy about 150 kgs came running  to me like a huge bulldozer as fast as sonic the hedgehog. I tumbled over in the air like a paper flowing throw rough winds. But luckily I did not get injured, well only a bit.

We won the whole tournament. So that means we are going to the Auckland champs. I am so proud of the team and myself.

                          The end.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Daily Run

These are the things that are good bad and interesting on daily runs.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shot Putt

This is a picture I have drawn of a shot putt ball that just landed in the ground at, 19.63 minutes.

The purpose of my writing was to inform people who want to take their skills to another level. So read my text to become a great Olympic athlete.


The word ‘shot put’, gets its name from war, when you chucked rocks at your opponent. Today shotput still is a common in athletics events. If you would like to take your shot putting further read my tips.

Glide style

To do the glide style, you have to stand at the back of the circle and then turn your fastest
around at 180 degrees, thrusting the ball out of hand as hard as you can. It is most used by
women and amateurs . Did you know that there are two types of shot putting technique , they
are ‘ spin’ style and the ‘glide’? The most common technique is the glide.Did you know that it
was originated in 1951, when Parren O'Brien of United States Of America, invented this
technique, to win a gold medal?

Spin style

The spin style is much harder than the glide. It was created by Aleksandr Baryshnikov who set the first USSR record using this new unusual, but interesting, technique, made in 1972. To do the glide you face the back of the circle, then rotate 360 degrees,( use your left leg as a pivot ).Then another 360 spin, then a 180 spin then release pushing the shot putt
as far away as you can.Try and keep your balance. Here are the rules of shot putt.


The rules for shot putt are. They are, you are only allowed to enter and exit from the back.You are not allowed to touch outside of the circle when putting. You only have 60.0 seconds, starting from when they call your name.If you look at the shot putting circle below, there is a little white wood. You ARE allowed to touch the side of the white wood, but not on top and outside when throwing the shot put. That means you always remember to, enter and exit through the back or disqualified. And to not step over the ‘White wood of doom’ or, again, disqualified
I got marked 14\18

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stress Busters

Medly Relay

Do you know what a medley swimming race is or the order of the techniques are in the r
ace?There are four people that compete in the race. The styles are freestyle, backstroke, butterfly .

The aim of the game is to beat the other four people in a relay race in a 50 meter pool.The order of the techniques is backstroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle.Did you know that australia came second in 2000 sydney olympics .

The equipment they wear is tight and made out of spandex, (It’s a special kind of fabric.)To reduce drag people wear swim suits. Did you know that if you swim with no cloths you go faster, people just were swimsuits for modesty of respect to the rules. Modern designers came up with a new swimsuit named ‘Jons’ . They say it’s much more slippery than normal skin.They wear goggles to keep the chlorine out. Another reason is to see where you are going because if you touch the other person lane you are disqualified .

You have to be strong fit have stamina and on a strict diet.They swim and train 6 hours a day.
I think that it must be a good sport to watch because one person could be winning one minute then the next one the other person is winning.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Does a Bee Sting?

A bee has a barbed stinger at the bottom of the body. They only attack to defend themself they sting you. Only when you insult or annoy them they will strike.

A drop of poison is injected from the stinger through a tube.Did you know that only the worker bee stings?The sting is fine and sharp.

If you have heard that a bee can sting once, there is another theory. When it stings a person and if you knock it off you will injure it so bad that it will die. But if you wait it will naturally come off.

It is true that a bee can sting as often as we allow it to. That is only if we don't injure it and kill it .

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympic Flag

This image is courtesy of

Did you know that Baron Pierre De Coubertin invented the Olympic flag? The five rings represent the five continents,(Americas, Africa,Europe, Asia and Oceania). Every nation that competes in the Olympics has at least one of this symbol’s colours on their flag, these colours are, Blue,Black,Red,Yellow,Green and white.

Did you know that the Olympic flag is brought to the stadium at the opening ceremony, and hoisted up?They keep it there for the whole Olympic games, and when it is lowered down at the closing ceremony, it signifies that Olympics are officially over.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chariot Racing

Chariot racing was dangerous, sometimes it even caused death or injuries. You were aloud to install spikes on your chariot to break the other persons chariot wheels. Did you know that the Olympics was about showing off how strong you were, and a religious event in those days?

Did you know that all wars had to stop for months, while the athletes travel to the stadium the Olympics were taking place in? Only Greek Men were allowed to take part in the ancient Olympics. No woman or men out of Greece were allowed to participate.

This cartoon picture is courtesy of Phineas and Ferb

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Arcimboldo art

I have tried to copy Arcimboldo's style of art but my was fruit.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Critique Of My Van Gogh Replica

Having to duplicate a painting by Vincent Van Gogh was very difficult, the most hardest thing was the smooth background . The wonderful Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear and pipe Van Gogh, The painting of the cut ear is magnificent ( painted 1889) . Here is a critique of mine and his painting:

The texture is comparable because, the mood is gloomy and well, dark.The only light part is on the jacket with specks of white.As you can see I have tried to flick of white on the hat, like Vincient Van Gogh.

I have attempted to paint (on the hat) in a flower patterned technique.My chin is darker than his, mine is blackish brown , his is light brown . My painting is a bit messy, but I am quite happy with it.Up close mine is all over the place with colors.

The feeling is dark and gloomy, I don’t think that he was happy at the time because he just cut off his ear.Did you know that there have been stories of how it got cut off, The first story is that he threatened his flat mate Paul Gauguin with a razor, Van Gogh got so angry he cut his left ear lobe off. The second story (That I think is no true, but I don’t know) is that he cut his left ear lobe off and gave it to his girlfriend.

I am happy with the image of the face, and the hat. I think it looks unique .However am not happy with is the black outline, I think it is too thick. It looks like he has no chin.

I could improve my work, by making the cloths smoother and the background smoother too. Next time to not put colors everywhere.I think I would have shade out the chin and the face.
The smoke on mine is grey so I would love to make it white, and I have too much smoke . At the bottom of the background the length is not the same.

I think that he is a magnificent artist. I’m sure there will never be someone that can paint in Van Gogh style.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starry Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh had a very depressing life, but some times it felt great. He was really feeling good. Starry starry night was painted in 1989.

I think Van Gogh was quite happy at the time he painted this piece of art. The top of the painting is bright and the bottom is dark and sleepy, with specks of bright shining light from the windows. The stars are very shiny but the thing that stands out the most(on the top of the picture) is the crescent moon because it is sparkling like the water on a fine summer's morning. It looked like it was moving too, like most of his paintings.

Two objects that stand out are the Cypress tree and the church church steeple. Both were quite tall and slim, and both have a sharp tip. You can see the big broad brush strokes on the tree but not on the church. The church was man made contrasting with the natural tree. The tree looks like a big flame.

The patterns are very curvy . The colours all stand out and blend in together properly. Instead of it all being mixed up. The objects are blended in together a good way not a bad way.
Even to this day people admire his paintings. It is worth lot's of money. He is probably one of the best artist.