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Daily Run

These are the things that are good bad and interesting on daily runs.

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Shot Putt

This is a picture I have drawn of a shot putt ball that just landed in the ground at, 19.63 minutes.

The purpose of my writing was to inform people who want to take their skills to another level. So read my text to become a great Olympic athlete.


The word ‘shot put’, gets its name from war, when you chucked rocks at your opponent. Today shotput still is a common in athletics events. If you would like to take your shot putting further read my tips.

Glide style

To do the glide style, you have to stand at the back of the circle and then turn your fastest
around at 180 degrees, thrusting the ball out of hand as hard as you can. It is most used by
women and amateurs . Did you know that there are two types of shot putting technique , they
are ‘ spin’ style and the ‘glide’? The most common technique is the glide.Did you know that it
was originated in 1951, when Parren O'Brien of United States Of America, invented this
technique, to win a gold medal?

Spin style

The spin style is much harder than the glide. It was created by Aleksandr Baryshnikov who set the first USSR record using this new unusual, but interesting, technique, made in 1972. To do the glide you face the back of the circle, then rotate 360 degrees,( use your left leg as a pivot ).Then another 360 spin, then a 180 spin then release pushing the shot putt
as far away as you can.Try and keep your balance. Here are the rules of shot putt.


The rules for shot putt are. They are, you are only allowed to enter and exit from the back.You are not allowed to touch outside of the circle when putting. You only have 60.0 seconds, starting from when they call your name.If you look at the shot putting circle below, there is a little white wood. You ARE allowed to touch the side of the white wood, but not on top and outside when throwing the shot put. That means you always remember to, enter and exit through the back or disqualified. And to not step over the ‘White wood of doom’ or, again, disqualified
I got marked 14\18

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Stress Busters

Medly Relay

Do you know what a medley swimming race is or the order of the techniques are in the r
ace?There are four people that compete in the race. The styles are freestyle, backstroke, butterfly .

The aim of the game is to beat the other four people in a relay race in a 50 meter pool.The order of the techniques is backstroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle.Did you know that australia came second in 2000 sydney olympics .

The equipment they wear is tight and made out of spandex, (It’s a special kind of fabric.)To reduce drag people wear swim suits. Did you know that if you swim with no cloths you go faster, people just were swimsuits for modesty of respect to the rules. Modern designers came up with a new swimsuit named ‘Jons’ . They say it’s much more slippery than normal skin.They wear goggles to keep the chlorine out. Another reason is to see where you are going because if you touch the other person lane you are disqualified .

You have to be strong fit have stamina and on a strict diet.They swim and train 6 hours a day.
I think that it must be a good sport to watch because one person could be winning one minute then the next one the other person is winning.