Monday, September 10, 2012

My Awesome Rugby Tournament.

Did you know that on  the 6th of september 2012 the under 50kg,under 40 kg and over 50kg rugby teams from pt england, went to a rugby tournament on the pt england reserve? I played two games for the over 50s and five for the under 50s, thats more then everybody else.

The first rugby game we played was against   Tamaki Primary. I had to sit out on that game because in the start of the match I was on the field  I snapped my teeth together and thought, I have no mouth guard. so I told my coach and had to run all the way to my bag and get it. I didn't play in that game. To my surprise at the end of the game two of the players in my team who scored two tries each hadn't played with any mouth guard, they had to go and get them. The coach Robert was furious We won 7-0 to us.

Did you know that I got to tries? My friend Jonathan got 9 tries out of six games I got 2. He did the Usain Bolt sign  when he got a try once.That was funny. My first try was the greatest. When I got the ball from Jonathan I sprinted as fast as I could , I swerved around players, I bumped about two boys off. When I was near the try line I heard Jabez shouting,”Pass Pass”. I just ran and fended off a guy and dived. They called me cheater, but I didn't care.

I stole about 16 balls with a technique my brother taught me, I felt like David Pocock the best ball stealer in rugby history( to me). They were frustrated when I stole the ball, They were like.Huh where has the ball gone, aaawwww that boy ( thats me) stole it.I love it when that happens.Once when I was playing in the over I was trying to steal the ball, my team was counting on me to steal the ball, I was doing it with nobody by my side . Then a guy about 150 kgs came running  to me like a huge bulldozer as fast as sonic the hedgehog. I tumbled over in the air like a paper flowing throw rough winds. But luckily I did not get injured, well only a bit.

We won the whole tournament. So that means we are going to the Auckland champs. I am so proud of the team and myself.

                          The end.


  1. Talofa Esrah!

    Nice post son. You definitely played like David Pocock trying to steal the ball at the breakdown. Your whole team played really well. Your awesome coach must be really proud. I was glad I came to watch your last game and so happy to see you score TWO tries.

    Keep it up son!

  2. Hi Esrah!
    What an exciting and funny post about your rugby tournament. I liked the way you described your try and how you stole the ball. Good work Esrah.
    I am really proud of how you are playing in rugby. It's great that you are giving it 100% for your team, and scoring tries too! You have an amazing coach, who has trained you all well and so your team deserve to go all the way. Keep doing your best son, and I can't wait to read about your next post about your game with Holy Cross.

    Well done Esrah!
    Love Mum


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