Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camp Bentzon

Last week most of the year sixes went to Kawau Island for camp.I was in Kawau,( that was my team).My favorite activity was kayaking, because we went to stingray bay and saw a lot of them, they were huge.I accidently hit one in the head and it rose to the surface and brushed the side of my kayak.It was awesome because we got to use our paddles to splash water at each other.

My least favorite activity was orienteering, because it was hard and confusing.We had to run around looking for letters to make a word,but the most confusing thing was that we had to use a compass and I did not know how to use them. At the end we found the words out and they were Optimus,Kayak,Raft and dingy .

Camp was awesome because we did fun activities. The camp Kings were Isara and Wyatt, and the camp Queen was Tyla. My team Kawau won camp bentzon ( because there was a points chart).

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