Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My "Daily Learning Objective" (DLO) about mean,median,mode

Mean, median, mode and range are often used in statistics.

Range: Range is the difference between the highest number and the lowest like for e.g 1,4,7,3,6,9 it would be 8 because the difference between 1 ( the lowest number) and 9 ( the highest number). So that means it is 8.

Mode: Mode is the number that appears the most frequently for e.g 0,2,3,0,3,0. So if you look closely it is 0 because it appears most often.

Median: It means the middle number so what you have to do is put the numbers in order from biggest to smallest and then find the middle number.

Mean: That means the average all you have to do is get all the numbers add them together then times them by how many numbers there are and thats how you do it.

                                                           The End

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Adding to sentences" task.

''Adding to sentences'' is a task we were given where we had to add to an unfinished simple sentence:

On the first day of school I was feeling nervous to see what class I was in...
I arrived and saw my friends and teachers and said "Hi!" The bell rang, and we all ran to the hall for Immersion assembly. I was so nervous, but luckily enough I was placed in Room 1. The teachers for this class are Mrs Nua and Mr Barks.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Personal Goals for 2014.

This year my main goal is to improve my academic results from last year. This means that I am aiming to gain above expected standard in all my subjects.For maths and reading I aim to be well above expected standard.

My main goal for sports is to improve my fitness and be involved in Rugby,basket ball, cricket, softball, soccer and rugby league.

My goals this year is to participate more in school, to make my parents proud and to achieve high in academics

This is Death Stroke-  he is my 2nd favorite super hero in DC universe.

For more information about Death Stroke click here

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Waitangi Day trip.

“Get changed we’re going for a ride!” my Dad exclaimed. I was playing B-BalI then I got changed and jumped into the car. While we were driving out the driveway onto the main road I fell asleep.”Yaaawwwnnn, where are we?” I asked my Mum. There was no response, so I looked outside the window and saw a sign saying ‘Pukekohe 1 km and Drury 3 km’ . I thought to myself ,this is a long way away from where I stay Mt Wellington.

Although we stopped at various places like Rebel sport ( to get my brother some cricket gear ) and Burger king (to have lunch), it was a long journey. About 3 - 4 hours, to get to our destination Kariotahi beach. To my surprise the sand was black, I asked my Dad why and he said “because there is lots of iron in the sand”. When I got over the black sand, me and my brother went to the shore. We saw big waves about 2 - 3 meters high and the tide was coming in fast. So we had a challenge where we could see who could run across the waves without getting wet.He won but I put his hat in the water. After that we just walked on the beach and threw sand at each other, and watched other people surf.
“Time to go.”dad said, I ran to the car, with sandy feet and I flopped inside. We drove home, thinking everything was going good but then my Dad stopped the car and exclaimed “ This is the wrong way back home.” He  took out his phone and checked the map and saw that we were going down south not going north back to Auckland, that made the drive about  30 minutes later.

But although we had a very very long drive home, I t
hink that it was cool to spend time with my family at a very cool beach. It was a good experience.