Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starry Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh had a very depressing life, but some times it felt great. He was really feeling good. Starry starry night was painted in 1989.

I think Van Gogh was quite happy at the time he painted this piece of art. The top of the painting is bright and the bottom is dark and sleepy, with specks of bright shining light from the windows. The stars are very shiny but the thing that stands out the most(on the top of the picture) is the crescent moon because it is sparkling like the water on a fine summer's morning. It looked like it was moving too, like most of his paintings.

Two objects that stand out are the Cypress tree and the church church steeple. Both were quite tall and slim, and both have a sharp tip. You can see the big broad brush strokes on the tree but not on the church. The church was man made contrasting with the natural tree. The tree looks like a big flame.

The patterns are very curvy . The colours all stand out and blend in together properly. Instead of it all being mixed up. The objects are blended in together a good way not a bad way.
Even to this day people admire his paintings. It is worth lot's of money. He is probably one of the best artist.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012


“ROOM 17 PLEASE REPORT TO THE GATE”!!!!!!!! Ms Garden screeched. So I ran as fast as
I could. Did you know that in Aotearoa the law is that everybody has to learn how to swim
because New Zealand is surrounded by water?
When we got to the pools we had to get changed and have a shower to get rid of the dirt and the
chemicals. After rinsing myself I walked back to the bench and about two seconds later I was
shivering because I was so cold.
“Here you go”, said the instructor while she handed the flutter boards to us. Then she explained
“okay everybody, put your hands on the end of the board and kick all the way to the island and
then stop”. For me it was quite easy.
But when we had swam two lengths of the pool She said, “ Pile the boards on the top of the pool.
and now we are going to do freestyle.”She showed us a technique to keep our hands straight. I
held my arms high and held them together as hard as I could then I just kicked furiously and my
arms flapped like a duck flying away from an alligator. I thought I did very well.
The lady said “How do you know all our techniques.” I replied ,” I know because I go swimming
lesson here and I am in silver”. ( Silver is the second best group out of 8)
So she moved me to group three the best group.
I thought that it was cool at swimming because I knew the instructors.But the water was so cold.
The End

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Astounded by his work,Vincent Van Gogh created a beautiful piece of art named ‘Sunflowers’ in 1888. The painting of flowers are made by oil paints. These are the sizes of his pictures ( Because he made four) The first one was 73.5x60, the second one was 98x69, the third was 91x72 and the last one was 92.1x73. This is only one of a few of his bright pictures. It broke the record of the selling of 4,000,000.

Happy! I know that he was happy because he was actually going to have someone to live with.Usually he paints the main picture on the side of the canvas. But in this picture he put used the whole page and put the main subject in the middle of the page.

The texture was so thick if you slid your finger down the painting, it would scrape your finger! Sometimes he would buy so much paint that he went craving for food. The very bright colors he used for one of them was light yellow, brown, dark yellow , only a little bit of black and light green.

What I think about the flowers is that It is a picture of young people, adults and pensioner, because some of them they are new flowers, but some are look like they’ve lived long enough and some just look like there going to die or they are dead. If you look closely at the old flowers you can actually see the big blobs on the old big flower.

I think that he was happy when he painted the painting of the sunflowers because he was going to have another friend and a painter to live with him. One thing that is magnificent is that he painted four pictures in four days ( and everybody screams at us when where painting “ART TAKES TIME”!) and all of them are so awesome.

Well I think it’s real sad that only after he died everybody loved his work.and we never got to see some of his work, because it got burnt or ripped in either world war 1 & world war 2.Did you know that he shot himself when he was 37?