Friday, May 27, 2011

Immersion Assembly

Coming in to the Immersion Assembly, I was so excited because my mum was in team 2. Finally it was my mum's turn. It was sometimes embarrassing because she was dancing hard out.
“Now it’s time for team 3 “Mr Burt announced in a mysterious voice. As they enter the stage, they brought on an enormous beaker. They threw a multitude of ingredients into a beaker and out exploded Miss Walters, wearing a soap costume and a pink wig that looked like foam. Miss Lavakula did a rap called baby baby wash your hands. Miss Walters wore a wig that looked like bubbles.
At the end we went down back to class and that was the end of the immersion assembly.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Going to Hop.

In the holidays I went to see Hop at the movies. I went with my cousins and my aunty and uncle. It was funny at the start. It was about a chick wanting to become the Easter bunny even though he wasn’t a rabbit. The easter bunny’s son, E.B. didn’t want to be the Easter bunny because he thought he should be a drummer He had a talent at drumming. He left his home Easter Island because his dad stressed him to be the Easter bunny too much. When his dad found out, he sent the Pink Barrets (they are 3 girl spies.) E.B. went to Hollywood and found an unemployed man called Mike. Mike had a appointment for a gaming center .But back at Easter island the second boss was a chick and he was so angry he explained a plan to the chicks and said, ”We will trap the Easter bunny.” The little Easter bunny came back and saved the day with his friend Mike. So they got presented, both of them, to be co-Easter Bunnies. It ended.
Unfortunately my cousin didn't sleep over again. so I was so sad I asked my dad if I could sleep over,he said no so I went home and went to sleep.