Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Narrative Story

In Samoa  Ana and her family woke up to what they think would be an ordinary day. They got ready for school.

They all tumbled over like clowns rolling on barrels, It was an earthquake. Ana thought that it was Mafui’e the earthquake devil would be doing all this. But Ana’s after the shake mum said “ There is not that much damage to the village so that was not Mafui’e”.Anas mum tied a bun in her hair  as fast as she can because she was in a rush.

Ana went and gathered all of her stuff to go to school. She walked outside and saw the water had gone back and the shore looked like mud.Even the coral reef could be seen from where she was.  Fish were flipping in shallow waters, looking for a place to swim. The water pulled back further and further and further.Ana shouted,”Mum, Niko, come and look the sea is running away and everything is turning into mud”.Sina ( the mum) was too busy to come, so Niko did and he said,” what happened to all the water’.Than all of a sudden the water came back and covered the reef again, they were relife. But it rose more and more.” Tsunami run”, shouted Niko. Sina looked confused but when she saw the wave she picked the two little ones up, Mika and the baby. The whole village was running now in search of a hill.

Niko and Sina  ran past the garden up to the steep hill Ana was too slow, so while the wave washed away the village Ana was washed away to. She swam rapidly away from the tide. When she was about to give up hope when she heard the shout of Niko,” Ana”, And again Ana”, He jumped onto a branch and grabbed Ana’s Bun. She was complaining, Ow that hurts Ow.He giggled in relief. And pulled her up. They went to look for there parents. Luckliy nobody died in her village. This happened in Samoa and Tonga.

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