Friday, October 28, 2011

Esrah Immersion assembly

As soon as I walked in to the hall for immersion assembly I giggled at Mr Barks. He was wearing a freaky alien mask.Suddenly the screen caught my attention as it said “Outta This World.” It had planets surrounding the words. So I knew we are learning about space this term.

In an Immersion Assembly the teachers in every team have an item to perform. My favorite was the team my mum was in her because her team did a rap about planets .It was funny because they didn’t say a word, all they did was dance like a robot. It was really clever!

“Team six”Mr Burt announced . I thought it would be a play but guess what they stuck there head on to the charters of star wars.Did you know the Mr Harris was princess leia and Miss Nua was Luke Skywalker.

I think that I would be good at learning about space.My favourite planet is Saturn. Can’t wait till we learn about it Saturn.
The End


  1. Wow - that would of been a funny sight seeing some of the teachers all dressed up and doing items...especially your mum! she must of dusted up on her rapping skills! Very good story Esrah - I enjoyed reading all the details of the different items each of the teachers did. Keep up the good work son! Love Aunty Teuila

  2. Hi Esrah,
    I really enjoyed reading your story just like aunty Teuila said and that grabbed my attention. You used really interesting vocabs but the only 2 things that I think could be added and shouldn't be written on your post is a photo and also, it does not have to end with "The End." Just type in what you think is good for a conclusion but any way, KEEP IT UP!

  3. Hi Esrah,
    My name is Kimberly Lefferson and I attend the University of South Alabama. I am currently enrolled in EDM310 a class for future teachers. I really enjoyed reading your story! I found it funny and interesting. I really could imagine being in the crowd watching this assembly going on when I was reading you post. Great job, keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you for commenting on my blog.What is EDM310.Thank you for commenting on my blog.

    please reply.

  5. Esrah,
    EDM 310 is a college course, microcomputing systems. It is a class for students who want to be teachers in the future. We learn about different ways to integrate technology in the classroom among other things.


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