Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Did you know that Triathlon  stands for (Tri)Three (Athlon) Competitions ? On November the 7th (Wednesday ). Room 17 went to have a go at Triathlon with Adrian, Mark and Brett. He taught  us some of the places in Triathlon, Like Transition (Were you change from swimming to Biking).

We started by having a slide on a mat that we could slide on, with water( That was hosed down by Brett ) with some soap.You could only participate in this slide if you brought togs, and if you did not then you have to do laps until they tell you that you can enter transition.I had to run beside the sliding mat, and it was tiring.

After a tiring run I enter the transition  get my bike, and by the time I am in there I am coming third. I hopped on  the bike and rode as fast as Lance Armstrong. I drifted around the different corners.And on the last one I literally  Flipped off my bike because I broke the brakes. So I flipped.

Running my hardest I looked in front of me and Jacob was in front of me, I WAS COMING LAST.  So I sprinted to the finish line and I came 2nd to last. It was a tiring day , and I hope to try the real Triathlon.

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