Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camp Bentzon

Last week most of the year sixes went to Kawau Island for camp.I was in Kawau,( that was my team).My favorite activity was kayaking, because we went to stingray bay and saw a lot of them, they were huge.I accidently hit one in the head and it rose to the surface and brushed the side of my kayak.It was awesome because we got to use our paddles to splash water at each other.

My least favorite activity was orienteering, because it was hard and confusing.We had to run around looking for letters to make a word,but the most confusing thing was that we had to use a compass and I did not know how to use them. At the end we found the words out and they were Optimus,Kayak,Raft and dingy .

Camp was awesome because we did fun activities. The camp Kings were Isara and Wyatt, and the camp Queen was Tyla. My team Kawau won camp bentzon ( because there was a points chart).

Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Benson

In one more day Most of the Year sixes( including me) are going to Kawau Island for camp. And I am in Kawau B ,( that is my team).

Kawau Island is where we will be having camp and it is called camp Benzon. It is approximately 45 Km from Auckland.

I am looking forward to Kayaking , Abseiling and the confidence course. I am hoping I do not get Mosquito bite.I would like to try bombing off the pontoon and the wharf.

I would like to experience the presence of the Kookaburra, the Peacock, the Weka and the Kawau Shag ( They are all birds). I would like to make a raft and see how it would float.

The thing that I think that the fitness trail will be hard because I am not that fit.I will try to improve and not stop the whole way.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Technology Test (Making a boat )

We had to make a boat out of paper and this is my one. The aim was to make it float for 5 seconds and fortunate everybody's was success.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poetry

At camp I hope not to tramp
While tramping I wish not to get a cramp
Hopefully my bed is not damp
I am looking forward to camp
I told everybody that I hurt my foot so I had to limp
Everybody was saying I am a wimp

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Did you know that Triathlon  stands for (Tri)Three (Athlon) Competitions ? On November the 7th (Wednesday ). Room 17 went to have a go at Triathlon with Adrian, Mark and Brett. He taught  us some of the places in Triathlon, Like Transition (Were you change from swimming to Biking).

We started by having a slide on a mat that we could slide on, with water( That was hosed down by Brett ) with some soap.You could only participate in this slide if you brought togs, and if you did not then you have to do laps until they tell you that you can enter transition.I had to run beside the sliding mat, and it was tiring.

After a tiring run I enter the transition  get my bike, and by the time I am in there I am coming third. I hopped on  the bike and rode as fast as Lance Armstrong. I drifted around the different corners.And on the last one I literally  Flipped off my bike because I broke the brakes. So I flipped.

Running my hardest I looked in front of me and Jacob was in front of me, I WAS COMING LAST.  So I sprinted to the finish line and I came 2nd to last. It was a tiring day , and I hope to try the real Triathlon.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush Story

“ Mum, may I go for a walk to the Treeroot bush walk with my friends? ”, I said to her (my mum) then  she replied,” Yes but you have to be home by six”. Hooray! I thought to myself  I put a pair of jean shorts and a tee-shirt on. I grabbed $17.00 and was off.

Picking up my friend Frankie at 15a Hollow st, I asked,” Do you want to come with me  to the Tree root bush walk,” Yep” he replied, we trotted off to the dairy to buy us some fizzies and some food.

“Come on Frankie its 4:00 O’clock and the walk is like 1 hour”, “ Fine”, Frankie said in a angry voice.We were at the entrance of the walk but the thing that was distracting him from coming was that  a man was beating himself up and say Malum Nemus meaning evil trees in Latin( we knew that from our latin teacher Mrs  Valterher)

Walking into the bush I suddenly felt the cold winds whistling louder and louder and louder. The further Frankie and I walked the wind grew stronger the I was a bit freaked out so I said to Frankie while he was drinking his coke.” We should turn around”.BOOM Malum Nemus whispered the winds, then the strong winds stopped.” actually lets keep walking.So we continued to walk.

It was 5:00 pm and I did not know where I was, “Swish” something had grabbed Frankie’s leg and pulled him into the dark shadows of the bush the wind said again Malum Nemus I ran into the dark corner to see where Frankie was. There he was tied to the tree with the root covering his face and his body, He was gone. I closed my eyes in fear and ran to the entrants of the walk,” It grabbed my leg so I kicked it away I reached the sunlight and whoosh it turned into dust. First I ran to Frankie's house to tell his  mum , but when I got  he was safely at home  playing ps3!!

My Narrative Story About the Point England Dairy

`“GET TO THE SHOP AND BUY ME A FANTA”! My stubborn brother demanded, he gave me twenty dollars and expected me to come back with $17.50. Don't think that will happen.noticing a suspiciously car following me as I walked angrily to the pt england dairy.I was thinking what a stink way to start  off the weekend. Near the dairy I saw these middle aged men planting something on the road, so I screamed,” Sol’e  stop littering”. They stared at me with an evil look, they sent a shiver up my spine... … …

The first man ran at me with, from my perspective looked like a knife and some Lynx. But the next man reached into his bag  and brang out a lighter and darted for me. They held my mouth,  then saw the policeman in a holden commodore  and an old woman in a car ratty old car they smiled. The two men had an evil smirk on there face while smoking a cigar. I said “Stop smiling you stupid smelly good for nothing wannabes”. The men were furious they decided to push me on the road.”Boom, BOom,BOOm,BOOM”. A bomb was planted in the road and the two officers were flinged from there car all the way up to the sky, unfortunately, the old women and 16 pedestrians died.

I ran to the shop and sprinted to the fridges at the end Asiel,(that’s where the drinks were), I brought a fanta  and turned around, But to my surprise those two men were threatening the Mexican shopkeeper.He was forced to give the two men milk honey and money.The shop keeper reached into the counter and pulled out a flamethrower in the right hand and a minigun in the left. He shouted”Astalavista baby” I got the  fanta, and ran for the counter and stood on the men like a hero would do.

I said to the shopkeeper” Can I finish them off please ”, Yep he replied. He gave me the gun but I shoved it away, I went and got 7 liters of milk and honey and poured it on them ,Rey mysterio ( that was his name because, it was on the name tag.) said that will be $11.50, “What a rip off, $9.50 for a fanta ”, I said, he said”Nope you spilt  the milk and honey, pay up or I will six one nine you” He replied.So I payed for the milk,honey,coke for me, fanta and three packs of lollies . The Mexican walked out of the counter and slipped on the milk and honey, he was concussed.

I called the Cops and Ambulance,I told them the whole story they were amazed of how much destruction the terrorist  did in this area. First they were taken to hospital and one of the Pakistani people (They were Pakistani) Died of being shot by a minigun, but the other was just burnt.

One month later the man who was still alive (named Howard Abdul) went to court and was sentenced  to death in public. He was sentenced to die by being Injected by a Lethal  Injection, on a Electric Chair in a Gas Chamber. Due on the 20th of november(by the way it is the 18th of november).

It was the 20th and I was invited to be in the guest seats.They were gold chairs dotted with diamonds. People from all over the world came to see this event in vector arena.It was horrifing it was like a horror movie but I was in some way happy. I went home crying. And when I got home my brother said” You Sook”, But I was not crying because of the death of the man I was crying because of the tear gas. “Sssssnnnnn heres ssssssnnnnnn your bottle sssssnnnnn”. Everything went back to normal from that day forward  on, and at school some people thought that I was a Cyborg and some just thought that I was cool... … …

                                         The end