Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Benson

In one more day Most of the Year sixes( including me) are going to Kawau Island for camp. And I am in Kawau B ,( that is my team).

Kawau Island is where we will be having camp and it is called camp Benzon. It is approximately 45 Km from Auckland.

I am looking forward to Kayaking , Abseiling and the confidence course. I am hoping I do not get Mosquito bite.I would like to try bombing off the pontoon and the wharf.

I would like to experience the presence of the Kookaburra, the Peacock, the Weka and the Kawau Shag ( They are all birds). I would like to make a raft and see how it would float.

The thing that I think that the fitness trail will be hard because I am not that fit.I will try to improve and not stop the whole way.

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  1. hey Esrah,
    Nice story it already sounded like you went to camp. But if i were you i would double check your title and story because you spell camp bentzon like that not benson.



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