Monday, December 17, 2012

Thinking Hats Reflection of Netbooks

Point England has a reputation for using netbooks. I can hardly imagine this school with books now. 

Netbooks are useful because we can do our online maths at home as well as doing it at school. In fact we can do any learning at home as well as doing it at school. So that means we improve at any subjects. 

Things that I would like to improve on my netbook is that the hinges don't come off easily. And the screen is a bit small.The keyboard is too small, sometimes our internet is slow.

Instead of sharing our work with our class, with blogs we can share our work with the whole World. That is awesome.
 I would like my netbook to have better applications, for making animations.Making movies at Point England is what we like to do, so that means I would like a movie making program.

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