Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Arcimboldo art

I have tried to copy Arcimboldo's style of art but my was fruit.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Critique Of My Van Gogh Replica

Having to duplicate a painting by Vincent Van Gogh was very difficult, the most hardest thing was the smooth background . The wonderful Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear and pipe Van Gogh, The painting of the cut ear is magnificent ( painted 1889) . Here is a critique of mine and his painting:

The texture is comparable because, the mood is gloomy and well, dark.The only light part is on the jacket with specks of white.As you can see I have tried to flick of white on the hat, like Vincient Van Gogh.

I have attempted to paint (on the hat) in a flower patterned technique.My chin is darker than his, mine is blackish brown , his is light brown . My painting is a bit messy, but I am quite happy with it.Up close mine is all over the place with colors.

The feeling is dark and gloomy, I don’t think that he was happy at the time because he just cut off his ear.Did you know that there have been stories of how it got cut off, The first story is that he threatened his flat mate Paul Gauguin with a razor, Van Gogh got so angry he cut his left ear lobe off. The second story (That I think is no true, but I don’t know) is that he cut his left ear lobe off and gave it to his girlfriend.

I am happy with the image of the face, and the hat. I think it looks unique .However am not happy with is the black outline, I think it is too thick. It looks like he has no chin.

I could improve my work, by making the cloths smoother and the background smoother too. Next time to not put colors everywhere.I think I would have shade out the chin and the face.
The smoke on mine is grey so I would love to make it white, and I have too much smoke . At the bottom of the background the length is not the same.

I think that he is a magnificent artist. I’m sure there will never be someone that can paint in Van Gogh style.