Friday, September 21, 2012

Olympic day

Did you know to end our rubric for this term we had a Olympic day? We got given countries to  represent . I was representing Scotland, and  my leader was Matthew Timoko. To dress up in the colors  of scotland I wore a cap that is blue and white, a blue top and  black pants. I was so hot because we played sports the whole day. And after school I had Basketball training.

We did a march at the start and Miss Va’afusuaga Gave points to the best county. I hoped it was us. When the hooter rang for the Pt england Olympic games to start. The first game Scotland played was three legged soccer. Me and my partner ( Shayne) had to strap our legs together  and kick the ball into the goal. Luckily Shayne got a goal. We won that game and got five points for our team. If you had a great sportsmanship you would either get 1,5 and 10 points.

My favorite game was basketball. I got one goal. But The big kids didn't want to be in my team until they saw my moves. Mrs Barks  was the referee.

On friday we got the result of what country won. Argentina and Italy came 3rd equal, Spain came 2nd and Ireland came 1st. All of Ireland got a crunchy bar. The whole school was satisfied.

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