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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why I Love Call Of Duty!!!!!!!

Call of Duty Black ops 2 is a Video game featured on PS3 and Xbox 360. Which is made by Treyarch and Activision. That includes Zombie Mode, Campaign Mode, Multiplayer Mode and on Multiplayer…….

You can unlock camos and attachments, like Camos :Gold, Diamond, Siberia and Weaponized 115. And attachments like MMS(Millimetre scanner) it shoots through walls, FMJ (Full metal jacket) which makes it stronger and on snipers Ballistic CPU Which makes it steady aim. My favourite  Gun in multiplayer is DSR 50 which is a slow recoil but strong snipper, and tac-45  with tomahawk and flashbang. I use this class to trickshot with.

Zombies is a very interesting storyline of how two doctors called Dr.Richtofen (Edward Richtofen) and Dr. Maxis  (Ludvig Maxis),they worked on a project experimenting a stone they found named element 115 this all was happening on September 1917 during world war 1. They found this stone (element 115) in an unknown area so they did some testing on it and found that it raises dead soldiers from underneath the battlefield. They named the group of scientist group 935. They find that this rock is can be a power source of different weapons like the wonder waffe dg, thunder gun, ray gun mark 2, and much more they are very powerful. Then in a few months of testing element 115 they find that they could alter time. And then it goes on and on and on….. They steal  the most bravest soldiers they captured from the war and they were from  Japan(Takeo Masaki), America(Tank Dempsey),Russia(Nikolai Belinski) and Mexico (the mexican dies in Call of Duty World at war) and turn them into super soldiers to kill the zombie cause element 115 was automatically raising dead nazi’s in the battlefield (because they tested in Germany). Then it spread all over the world, then …………… We have to wait till the next Treyarch (The Call Of Duty that makes the zombie storyline) Call of Duty Release in 2015.

There are four main companies that make Call of Duty Activision ( the main one that made all Call Of Duties) Treyarch (They helped make all the zombie Call Of Duties like World at War, Black ops 1 and Black ops 2) Infinity ward ( They make just the normal war ones like Mw1, Mw2, Mw3 and Call of Duty Ghost) And sledgehammer games ( They are going to make the new Call of Duty Advance Warfare Coming November the fourth) and just little sponsors like  nokia, n-space etc.
So in conclusion Call Of Duty has to be my favourite Game ever because of the amazing zombie storyline and how you can make people rage on Multiplayer.

List of all the Call of duty games
-Call of duty
-Call of duty:united forces
-Call of duty finest hour
-Call of duty 2
-Call of duty 2:Big red one
-Call of duty 3
-Call of duty:Road to victory
-Call of duty - Modern Warfare
-Call of duty: World at war
-Call of duty: World at war:Final Fronts
-Call of duty Modern Warfare 2
-Call of duty modern warfare 1:Mobilized
-Call of duty Modern Warfare 3
-Call of duty Black ops 1
-Call of duty black ops 2
-Call of duty ghost
-Call of duty Advanced Warfare (Release date November 4 2014)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Smart Foot Print

1. Always be original
2. Teachers can always see you
3. Be safe online
4. Be careful what you search