Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My scary beach story

On Friday the thirteenth of January 2012 me and my buddys Jonathan and Frankie went to the beach.  A cool breeze brushed our faces as we swam, at Dragons Cave  Bay. They say that a lot of sea monsters live in these waters, and not to swim down here. My parents know that I am out with my friends swimming, but the thing that they don't know is what beach I am at. They warned me but I did not take there warning.

Swimming in this unusual greenish bluish water. We felt the current  pulling our legs towards this cave that is not visible from the shore.  I saw these words carved on the clunky rock reading  Extraho specus ( meaning dragon cave in Latin). The waters had patches of hot boiling water and  freezing cold icy water. I clicked, that must be the cave my friend Howard said was the home of sea monsters . I looked under my feet and saw this mouth latched onto me. I screamed to Jonathan and Frankie,” We are being dragged,” but when I looked at them they had no Head. So I closed my eyes with fear, thinking this is all just a dream.But it wasn't.

When I entered the cave,  I  saw all these mythical, ( well not any more) creatures. There were eight hydras ( they are fire breathing dragons with nine heads each) a pterodactyl ( a prehistoric   flying killer bird), nine Fire phoenix’s ( they are firebirds), and many more. I was almost scared to death.  

It wasn't until I saw the words US  Military camp. I was filled with hope that there was a mini gun or something around here. I thought I was in Oprah Winfrey’s golden spa. But when I opened my eyes I was in a hot pot that was on top of the fire phoenix. No wonder it was hot. I turned my head and saw them finishing the leftover body parts of Frankie and Jonathan. In the darkest corner of the cave I saw all kind of guns and bombs but there was this little red button that said ‘release nuclear bomb’, I was bound to not press that button.  I was setting up my plan. I hoped it would  work if they did not eat me right now or tonight.

Luckily for me they were saving the best for last, me. As the terrifying  creatures slept I put my plan into place. I snuck past Minitor ( he is a huge buffalo with tremendous strength) Medusa, ( If you look at her you will turn into a statue and has snake for hair) Hesperian ( he is one of the biggest dragon in the history of dragons),  and last but not least  fire serpa (she is a fire snake). They were the guards I think. I picked up  a M202A1 FLASH( that is a four shooter rocket launcher ) and I shot the head of   the minotaur medusa Hesperian and fire serpa. Everybody woke up and darted straight at me . I quickly  picked up medusa’s head really fast  and before her half  blown up head was completely dead  I managed to  freeze fire serpa ( she did not get affected from the missile. I shot all the dragons with a minigun on the last bullet  I killed the  Euryale she is known for her loud and dreadful screams.

Then out of nowhere  a bunch of creatures came and they were like the fathers of monsters. They were like two time larger than the other monsters. I was so sad this might be my last days. So I stepped into the cupboard that had the button ’Release Nuclear Bomb’. I said a prayer then pressed  the button. Every monster died in the Nuclear explosion. You'd think that I have died and wondering how I lived to tell the story.

When I pressed the button the floor dropped me into a submarine or something. I was safe. My parents were relieved. I received the medal of honor presented to me by Barack Obama the president of USA. But little did I know the explosion caused  GodZilla to wake???????????

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