Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saving Valentina the whales

On Valentines this year Michael Fishbach, a whale researcher, went out on his boat with his friends and family.”HHHUUU?” they thought to themselves as they saw a whale floating
motionless on the water . They predicted it was dead, but then suddenly they saw the whale blow water out of his blow hole. It was alive!
The whale was stuck in a fisherman’s net. It was going to die unless they cut it free.The net tangled up his whole body, his tail fluke and pectoral fins were all tied up. It was on the edge of death.
“HHHMMMMMM” they thought to themselves “Ive got it! We should cut it free.” So they did. But they only had one small knife . Pulling and cutting was all they did until after fifteen minutes one of it’s pectoral fin’s was free . Cutting furiously they cut loose the other fin and and the tail. It was an hour of exhausting work.

Finally the whale was free. It put on a magnificent show for them of 40 tail flips and breaching. It was showing joy because it was free.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011