Thursday, August 25, 2011


                                                                                                                                                     ”Boing boing,” I heard as I walked into the hall, wondering what that noise was. As I sat down I saw who it was, it was Lorene our badminton instructor practising her badminton.

First she introduced herself, ¨Hello I come from the badminton club in Auckland and I am here to take you for badminton lessons. ¨

¨YES BADMINTON!¨I thought to myself . We had to grab a partner and my partner was Rauf. I had to get the shuttle from the bin and throw it at Rauf ´s racket, but the tricky thing was he had to try and hit it with his eyes closed. He was pretty good at it but when it was my turn I kept missing it.

For the next activity we had to sit down and hit the shuttle with out getting up or missing it. We were pretty good at that game. Suddenly I hit the shuttle to Rauf. He leant back trying to swing at it but missed, Oh man!" he grumbled.

On the last activity of that session we stood five foot steps away from the bin. With a careful aim I got five out of five shuttles in the bin. What a good shot!

On the next session we had a lady called Donna come who had played in the Commonwealth games. She was on the badminton squad. On that day we just played games. We played doubles and you wouldn't believe what happened! I went around the world three and a half times.

While playing I heard a sudden noise, it was Donna blowing her whistle. She said, ”Pack up because it´s time to go to class now”. It was sad leaving Badminton lessons for the last time. It had taught me skills that I had never known.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The liver is the biggest organ in your body.It has over 500 jobs and it is part of the digestive system.One of it’s jobs is to warm the blood .The liver is the size of a small melon.It stores

The liver stores the fat and the minerals and vitamins.Also it break downs poison's ,drugs and chemicals .And it can make you put on weight and lose weight.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Player of The Day

Running up to get a try I got tackeld and when I got takeld .But then a sudden suprise came as the ref blew the whistel...BOOM CLASH OUCH thats all I could hear that's when I turned around and gusse what I saw.

A person from carlton green and a few other boys heads colided. So the ref called it "Marist ball carlton back five".My freind Ellie ran and Benji Marshall passed to me and then I barched through and steped 6 players and got a try that got the winning try 8-7 and calton green was undeafeted well not now there not.

The coach awarded the player of the day to me.And I got a pass to rainbow's end.

Monday, August 1, 2011

keep your eyes on the ball.

“IRELAND,IRELAND”!I heard someone shout , even from the outside I could hear it. When I walked in I saw who was shouting. And what a surprise !It was Mr Jacobson in an Irish costume with painting on his face and an Irish flag as a cape. Mr Burt announced “Your topic for term 3 is Keep Your Eye on the Ball”! Keep your eye on the ball is about the Rugby World Cup 2011.

The teachers all did items but my favourite was team 2 ,my mum was in it.They did a chant about Manu Samoa, England, AND THE AWESOME ALL BLACKS.It was funny because my mum forgot the words.Miss Glaze was dressed up as a england rugby player and Miss She was a all black and my mum had a Samoan cape and face paint of the flag.

I am looking forward to the topic this term because it’s fun for our school and it’s special to New Zealand. I reckon that I will be good at this topic.