Thursday, August 2, 2012

Medly Relay

Do you know what a medley swimming race is or the order of the techniques are in the r
ace?There are four people that compete in the race. The styles are freestyle, backstroke, butterfly .

The aim of the game is to beat the other four people in a relay race in a 50 meter pool.The order of the techniques is backstroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle.Did you know that australia came second in 2000 sydney olympics .

The equipment they wear is tight and made out of spandex, (It’s a special kind of fabric.)To reduce drag people wear swim suits. Did you know that if you swim with no cloths you go faster, people just were swimsuits for modesty of respect to the rules. Modern designers came up with a new swimsuit named ‘Jons’ . They say it’s much more slippery than normal skin.They wear goggles to keep the chlorine out. Another reason is to see where you are going because if you touch the other person lane you are disqualified .

You have to be strong fit have stamina and on a strict diet.They swim and train 6 hours a day.
I think that it must be a good sport to watch because one person could be winning one minute then the next one the other person is winning.

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  1. Hi Esrah,
    I loved this informative piece of writing about swimming. It was good that you talked about the purposes of the special equipment used.

    Keep up the good work son,
    Love mum


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