Monday, March 12, 2012

Can't wait till camp.

"Yes." I thought to myself.It's in two days! This year I am year six, that means that this is my second year at camp (It's a year five and six camp.) But it's a bit different because, Ms Garden said this year it's going to be cooler than last year.New games, activity and food.

This year I am looking forward to playing table tennis. Because I like table tennis and also have a table tennis set at home.
But! The thing that I am anxious about are. Fart bombs!!!!! Seriously mate its like I'm at war because there are all kinds of different sound and smells like bombs machine guns and silent bombs.( No offence and please do not take it personally.)

This camp my goal is to go to sleep on time and to be kind to year fives. And also my friends and the teachers.


  1. Good stuff Esrah! Hope you are enjoying your camp. Make sure you behave yourself - listen to your teachers and be nice to your friends. Eva says "Hi Etraaaah..." :)

  2. Hi Esrah cool post about camp. camp was fun ay? I thort It was cool your picture looks cool keep it up.

    By Reece


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