Friday, February 17, 2012

My 10th Birthday

Did you know that it was my birthday on January the 7th? In the morning , we had a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs . Then we went to pick up my friends Isara and Rauf. The first thing we did was go to the movies to watch "The Adventures of Tintin ". It was awesome! My dad recognised some of the characters because he use to read Tintin comics.

After that we went home to play PS2 and PS3. We played need For Speed Underground and Brothers In Arms. "LUNCH TIME",said my mum,we had butter chicken and meat lover's pizza .We were going to Bowling and laser strike announced my mum,then she took us.

In the start I was bragging about how I've won all my other bowling games and I'll probably win this one??? Guess what I came "LAST".I couldn't believe it . Boy's laser strike will be in 20 minutes so we used up our arcade tokens , I got the most credits 204 booya." Off to McDonald's,"we had soft serves.

    When we went back to play lazer strike , you no the first thing I heard was "zing zing zing " it was me and Rauf vs Erene and Isara,my nickname was "Alien X".

    I stepped in and then everybody scattered like mice away from me.My intentions were good so then I thought about the bowling game,"hhhhmmm,I know I'll just go hard out and win." I said to myself.My plan was to get Isara more times than my 13 year old brother (because Isara is a easier target I think.)

   10 points then 100 points then 500 point then finally 2645, was my final score "I won Alien X won haha I got best player of the day then it was my brother Erene in third place Rauf and in last place Isara.

    We dropped my friends off at there house and then went to my Nana's house in manuwera to party.
                            I had a fun birthday  that day and I was lucky to have my friends , it was cool.

                                              THE END


  1. Hi Esrah,

    This is a really exciting recount of your birthday and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself together with your brother and friends.

    Don't worry about your placing in Lazer strike, that's just life, sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. You have many skills and talents Esrah that God has blessed you with. So just keep trying your best!

    Superb Writing Esrah, keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your next post.

    1. Hi Esrah again,

      Sorry my mistake. The previous comment was created by me (mum).


  2. Wow Esrah!

    This is an amazing blog about your 10th birthday. It is really well written and I can tell that you planned out what you were going to write before you blogged.

    Remember the 5W's and 1H to help you organise your thoughts.

    Keep up the awesome work son!



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