Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush Story

“ Mum, may I go for a walk to the Treeroot bush walk with my friends? ”, I said to her (my mum) then  she replied,” Yes but you have to be home by six”. Hooray! I thought to myself  I put a pair of jean shorts and a tee-shirt on. I grabbed $17.00 and was off.

Picking up my friend Frankie at 15a Hollow st, I asked,” Do you want to come with me  to the Tree root bush walk,” Yep” he replied, we trotted off to the dairy to buy us some fizzies and some food.

“Come on Frankie its 4:00 O’clock and the walk is like 1 hour”, “ Fine”, Frankie said in a angry voice.We were at the entrance of the walk but the thing that was distracting him from coming was that  a man was beating himself up and say Malum Nemus meaning evil trees in Latin( we knew that from our latin teacher Mrs  Valterher)

Walking into the bush I suddenly felt the cold winds whistling louder and louder and louder. The further Frankie and I walked the wind grew stronger the I was a bit freaked out so I said to Frankie while he was drinking his coke.” We should turn around”.BOOM Malum Nemus whispered the winds, then the strong winds stopped.” actually lets keep walking.So we continued to walk.

It was 5:00 pm and I did not know where I was, “Swish” something had grabbed Frankie’s leg and pulled him into the dark shadows of the bush the wind said again Malum Nemus I ran into the dark corner to see where Frankie was. There he was tied to the tree with the root covering his face and his body, He was gone. I closed my eyes in fear and ran to the entrants of the walk,” It grabbed my leg so I kicked it away I reached the sunlight and whoosh it turned into dust. First I ran to Frankie's house to tell his  mum , but when I got  he was safely at home  playing ps3!!

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  1. What an excellent story Esrah. It was a bit of a scary story but with a happy ending. Your story writing is so good Esrah....and the descriptive words you use make it sound so real! keep up the good work Es. Love Aunty Teuila


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