Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Sisters 5th Birthday

On the 10th of December my sister had her birthday at Genghis Khan. My sister Eden was turning five. Me and my family got to Genghis and waited for the rest of my family to came. After about two minutes of waiting my  Grandpa and Grandma and my cousins  Showed up. They got here and then  We did our greetings took some photos and did a prayer. We got straight into it after that.

I went to get all of the cold food first like sushi,chili mussels, vegetables and fruit. Everyone else got the hot food first like French fries. I finished my food when my family arrived to the table,( you'll be surprised of how long it takes to get hot food.) I went to get me some meat, did you know that the special reason we go to Genghis Khan is that to get all the meat,(its an all you can eat buffet  and they have raw or marinated meat in rows and you get some meat put what ever sauce you would like like e.g: BBQ sauce, chili sauce and Honey mustard. add some spices and give it to the chef.He puts it on a  BBQ type thingy and it is perfectly cooked and seasoned by 2 Minutes). Amazing.

By the time I have finished my delicious dinner its time for desert!!!!!!YUM.I went up to the desert chef and he asked me "how many pancakes would you like", I replied " A mickey mouse shaped pancakes, uumm, and two please". So he got on with it, and when he was finished I put lots and lots of caramel chocolate and maple syrup.I also grabbed some marshmallows poked a hole in the middle, and squeezed chocolate and ate ate all up it was scrumptious.

After that everybody said there good byes, goodnight's and happy birthdays. It was an awesome day.

                                                          Happy B'day Eden

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