Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Does a Bee Sting?

A bee has a barbed stinger at the bottom of the body. They only attack to defend themself they sting you. Only when you insult or annoy them they will strike.

A drop of poison is injected from the stinger through a tube.Did you know that only the worker bee stings?The sting is fine and sharp.

If you have heard that a bee can sting once, there is another theory. When it stings a person and if you knock it off you will injure it so bad that it will die. But if you wait it will naturally come off.

It is true that a bee can sting as often as we allow it to. That is only if we don't injure it and kill it .

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympic Flag

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Did you know that Baron Pierre De Coubertin invented the Olympic flag? The five rings represent the five continents,(Americas, Africa,Europe, Asia and Oceania). Every nation that competes in the Olympics has at least one of this symbol’s colours on their flag, these colours are, Blue,Black,Red,Yellow,Green and white.

Did you know that the Olympic flag is brought to the stadium at the opening ceremony, and hoisted up?They keep it there for the whole Olympic games, and when it is lowered down at the closing ceremony, it signifies that Olympics are officially over.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chariot Racing

Chariot racing was dangerous, sometimes it even caused death or injuries. You were aloud to install spikes on your chariot to break the other persons chariot wheels. Did you know that the Olympics was about showing off how strong you were, and a religious event in those days?

Did you know that all wars had to stop for months, while the athletes travel to the stadium the Olympics were taking place in? Only Greek Men were allowed to take part in the ancient Olympics. No woman or men out of Greece were allowed to participate.

This cartoon picture is courtesy of Phineas and Ferb