Thursday, June 23, 2011


Skateboarding was first started in 1950 in California because surfers had the idea of surfing on the streets. No one knows who created the first skateboard but several people had the same idea at the same time.

These first skateboards were made out of wooden boxes with roller skate wheels slapped under the board. Many people got badly injured and hurt riding those.

After a bit the boxes got changed into plank. More recently companies produced skateboards with decks made out of layers of wood. These days if you hear some people ask “Who was the first person to create skateboards?”, then you could say that it was surfers who came up with surfing on the streets.
What do you think skateboarding in the future will be like?


  1. Nice post Esrah! Skateboarding in the future will be without wheels and the board will float above the ground using anti-gravitational hydro-electromagnetic induction technology. (But that hasn't been invented yet!) Hey Es - why don't you try and design something and post it up so we can see it? Have a go son!

  2. Hi Esrah, This is a very interesting post. I never really knew the beginnings of the skateboard. But, I can see how skateboarding derived from skiing. I think future skateboards would have minute motors built in them that would enable them to fly....yes fly. How about you? What do you think future skateboards would look like?
    Keep up the good work Es.
    Love Mum

  3. Hey Esrah that was a cool skate board animation that you did. That was a cool picture of the flintstones that was lucky it wasn't real life you might have fallen off the board. Great animation Esrah


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