Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Mascot

We were learning about mascot’s and it’s job’s, and it’s role at events like Commonwealth games and Olympics. So then we had a task  to think about and create our own mascot pretending that the  next Commonwealth games were going to be in New Zealand. We had to
choose appropriate icons to include.

My mascot’s name is Waitangi. I chose the name Waitangi so that all the countries could come together like how the treaty of Waitangi brought two different peoples together. He has a silver fern across his chest. He is also carrying the New Zealand flag on his back. I included these items to show that he is a kiwi icon. Waitangi’s job at the commonwealth games is to give a friendly welcome to visitors. It is important that he does his job properly so that when the visitors leave, they have a good image of New Zealand.


  1. Hi Esrah I like your story about your mascot and I like your picture it very cool. I like the flag on the kiwi and the silver fern.


  2. Talofa Es! What an awesome idea for a mascot - I am sure that Waitangi would do a great job at welcoming visitors to New Zealand. It's cool how the name also represents Te Tiriti O Waitangi - our nations founding document. Mean Waitangi Mean!


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