Friday, October 28, 2011

Esrah Immersion assembly

As soon as I walked in to the hall for immersion assembly I giggled at Mr Barks. He was wearing a freaky alien mask.Suddenly the screen caught my attention as it said “Outta This World.” It had planets surrounding the words. So I knew we are learning about space this term.

In an Immersion Assembly the teachers in every team have an item to perform. My favorite was the team my mum was in her because her team did a rap about planets .It was funny because they didn’t say a word, all they did was dance like a robot. It was really clever!

“Team six”Mr Burt announced . I thought it would be a play but guess what they stuck there head on to the charters of star wars.Did you know the Mr Harris was princess leia and Miss Nua was Luke Skywalker.

I think that I would be good at learning about space.My favourite planet is Saturn. Can’t wait till we learn about it Saturn.
The End

Monday, October 17, 2011


I was  walking to the G.I pools I heard a sudden thump. What was it? The flutter board. Miss Squires said, “Give some to Jonathan and Shayne.”
“Darn it,” I said to myself.  

Sitting on the side of the  for  my turn I said to my friend “I can’t wait to swim!” As one by one, people swam past, water was splashing at my face. Entering the pool I shivered and shook.The water was  freezing.

I submerged under the water and  kicked off the wall.Rising to the surface I could hear people cheering “Go go go go”! So I started  doing steady strokes and I furiously kicked. Gasping for breath I could still here everyone cheering. I got out

Walking back in line I watched my friend pass by.Mr Somerville shouted “FREE TIME”,then and Jeryco, my friend, practised flipping off the wall. I saw the next group come so I hopped out of the pool and got changed.Walking back to school I  murmured to Jeryco “Are we going swimming again?”  Sadly he said, “No.” We went to get changed.
              The End

Monday, October 3, 2011

About Me

This was the task I made in Term 1 all about me.

Top Five Wingers in NRL

These people are the most fastest wing's in NRL.Watch my video.

Shaun johnson

Shaun Johnson is a new star for the warriors . Him and James Maloney are the best pair in the nrl (I think.)He' got lot's of run away's already and he just started this year.(I got it from You tube

This is my made up house fire escape plan .