Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning

I am learning to write an introduction that hooks in my audience.Here are 3 versions.Which Monday Morning introduction do you like the best and why?

Every Monday it fells like I only get to got to sleep for one minute!Seriously it’s like I went to sleep at 1.00 am.Actually I did (I think).Did you know that every Monday when I'm told to get changed I lie down and when my parents come I stand up and pretend I'm getting changed.

Dreaming happily about chocolate I heard a stomp “Boom Boom Boom” .I saw a chocolate monster saying get up in a very very deep voice.My eyes flung open and my mum was shouting “ GET UP”.

Mouth watering chocolate donuts I dreamt about.My happy meter was one thousand and ten present.Then suddenly it went all the way down to the big zero,as my um was screaming “Get up.” What a horrible Monday (as usual. )


  1. HAHAHA! You a a funny boy. I'm telling Mum you called her a chocolate monster. By the way now I know that you lie back down when I leave the room. *busted*

    The introduction I like the best was the last one "Mouth watering chocolate..." because you are using words to create interesting and colourful images in my head.

    Your happy meter must be broken?

  2. Hi Esrah I like you writing it is so cool my Favorite paragraph was 2

  3. Hi Esrah,

    It's the chocolate monster you always dreamed of...(haha).
    Your introduction hooks are really funny Esrah. My favourite hook would be the second one.

    Keep up the good work Esrah!


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