Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Filled with excitement I quickly went onto the rink and started rollerblading with my friends. Suddenly I lost balance so I quickly clung on to my friend, but I fell down, bringing my friend down with me. It was really funny but painful for my friend and me.

When the man said that there was going to be a limbo game I was very excited so I went and lined up to wait for my turn, hoping I would win the competition again like last year at Riverside. The bar got lower and lower as our turns went. There were eliminations as time went on. It got to the final and I was still in. Some of my friends were too but I was last so it gave me a big advantage. My friends didn't make it so if I made it I would win. My heart was beating fast and sweat was coming down my face like a stream. I quickly went and had my turn. I just made it! That made my winning streak 2 years in a row!


  1. Hooray for Esrah! You never told me about your limbo competition. That's great Esrah - and it sounds like you had alot of fun. I love skating too, and I remember skating with my friends but I don't think I was ever good at limbo.

    Esrah I like the way you are adding a lot of detail to your story. It sounds more personal and also interesting to read. KEEP IT UP! You're really creating a clear picture to the readers of your personal experience at skateland.

    Malo Esrah!

    Love Mum

  2. Esrah, you such a talented writer. I am so impressed at how you use really interesting and exciting words in your writing. Thank you for entertaining me with your story - it made me want to go to Skatelands too! You are a champion author Es, so proud of you!!!
    Dot xo

  3. Oopsy, the first line should've said, "Esrah, you ARE such a talented writer." Sorry Es. Go Es!!

  4. Hi Esrah!

    I really enjoyed your story son! Did you know that Papa (Manurewa) went roller skating once...and guess what happened? He fell over and broke his leg. Then he went to the hospital to get a cast put on. You should ask him about it next time. (He might be embarrased to tell you that he was trying to go too fast) Awesome stuff Es...keep it up!



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