Monday, August 1, 2011

keep your eyes on the ball.

“IRELAND,IRELAND”!I heard someone shout , even from the outside I could hear it. When I walked in I saw who was shouting. And what a surprise !It was Mr Jacobson in an Irish costume with painting on his face and an Irish flag as a cape. Mr Burt announced “Your topic for term 3 is Keep Your Eye on the Ball”! Keep your eye on the ball is about the Rugby World Cup 2011.

The teachers all did items but my favourite was team 2 ,my mum was in it.They did a chant about Manu Samoa, England, AND THE AWESOME ALL BLACKS.It was funny because my mum forgot the words.Miss Glaze was dressed up as a england rugby player and Miss She was a all black and my mum had a Samoan cape and face paint of the flag.

I am looking forward to the topic this term because it’s fun for our school and it’s special to New Zealand. I reckon that I will be good at this topic.

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