Thursday, August 25, 2011


                                                                                                                                                     ”Boing boing,” I heard as I walked into the hall, wondering what that noise was. As I sat down I saw who it was, it was Lorene our badminton instructor practising her badminton.

First she introduced herself, ¨Hello I come from the badminton club in Auckland and I am here to take you for badminton lessons. ¨

¨YES BADMINTON!¨I thought to myself . We had to grab a partner and my partner was Rauf. I had to get the shuttle from the bin and throw it at Rauf ´s racket, but the tricky thing was he had to try and hit it with his eyes closed. He was pretty good at it but when it was my turn I kept missing it.

For the next activity we had to sit down and hit the shuttle with out getting up or missing it. We were pretty good at that game. Suddenly I hit the shuttle to Rauf. He leant back trying to swing at it but missed, Oh man!" he grumbled.

On the last activity of that session we stood five foot steps away from the bin. With a careful aim I got five out of five shuttles in the bin. What a good shot!

On the next session we had a lady called Donna come who had played in the Commonwealth games. She was on the badminton squad. On that day we just played games. We played doubles and you wouldn't believe what happened! I went around the world three and a half times.

While playing I heard a sudden noise, it was Donna blowing her whistle. She said, ”Pack up because it´s time to go to class now”. It was sad leaving Badminton lessons for the last time. It had taught me skills that I had never known.


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  1. Hi Esrah,

    I'm really glad you enjoyed badminton, because I really enjoy playing it too. Maybe one day we should have a game? Also, that's great that you got to met a world class player like Donna. It's really inspiring to meet role models of the sport. What did you learn from Donna? I'd love to hear what you had learnt.

    Keep up the good work Esrah. I can't wait to read your next post.
    Love Mum


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