Saturday, August 6, 2011

Player of The Day

Running up to get a try I got tackeld and when I got takeld .But then a sudden suprise came as the ref blew the whistel...BOOM CLASH OUCH thats all I could hear that's when I turned around and gusse what I saw.

A person from carlton green and a few other boys heads colided. So the ref called it "Marist ball carlton back five".My freind Ellie ran and Benji Marshall passed to me and then I barched through and steped 6 players and got a try that got the winning try 8-7 and calton green was undeafeted well not now there not.

The coach awarded the player of the day to me.And I got a pass to rainbow's end.

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  1. Hi Esrah,
    I am really proud of your sporting achievement today. Well done for scoring the winning try! You must be feeling so proud and good about yourself - because we are! And I bet you can't wait to use your pass to Rainbows end. Isn't it awesome to work hard then receive rewards.

    Have a fantastic week at school training and playing rugby.

    Love Mum


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