Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Picnic

My heart was pounding, when I heard the sound of rain just before the picnic at Pt England reserve ,was about happen ! One thing I thought was impossible was to get one parent for each five kids.We have 600 or more children! I thought that I would relax the whole day.

 Straight after Mr Burt finished explaining the rules I was off to play American football with Mr Barks, Mr Marks and some other kids, I was the quarterback. On the first play Mr Barks plan was to only throw it to a man that was open. But I did not,I told the team to pretend that there going to catch it .Then ”ZOOM”. I was off like a tiger hunting a dear(not really).My team mates were bumping the other team of like a stampede of rhinos, I smashed the ball on the ground then we were in the lead. 

Aaahhhh, relaxing I love the word and I love to do it to. Lying down with my friends I was exhausted from playing gridiron .I had a little nap.We ate our lunch after relaxing .My lunch was huge (delicious to). The rest of the day I was playing with clay I thought that the picnic was awesome .I can’t wait till next year. The End

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  1. Great post Esrah! It was so good to read about your wonderful picnic. You are so lucky to have Pt England Beach just down the road. I know that relaxing is one of your favourite past times. Keep up the great work!


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