Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My "Daily Learning Objective" (DLO) about mean,median,mode

Mean, median, mode and range are often used in statistics.

Range: Range is the difference between the highest number and the lowest like for e.g 1,4,7,3,6,9 it would be 8 because the difference between 1 ( the lowest number) and 9 ( the highest number). So that means it is 8.

Mode: Mode is the number that appears the most frequently for e.g 0,2,3,0,3,0. So if you look closely it is 0 because it appears most often.

Median: It means the middle number so what you have to do is put the numbers in order from biggest to smallest and then find the middle number.

Mean: That means the average all you have to do is get all the numbers add them together then times them by how many numbers there are and thats how you do it.

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