Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

This term our main focus is Art Alive, and the artist we are most hooked on is Vincent Van Gogh.

1.In a fit of anger he shot himself and two days later he died, because he was depressed and he thought that there was no point in his life.

2.He tried two other jobs before a painter. The other jobs were a Teacher, a preacher like his dad and the last job painter.

This picture I really like picture of sunflowers, he sold this picture for 88 Million dollars.

This next picture is really sad because he cut off his ear, put it in a shoe box and gave it to his girlfriend . Picture

This is his last painting before he died( this painting is very dark)

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  1. Hi Esrah you have cool Vincent Van Gogh picture. Next I like the sunflowers picture.Next I like your writing good boy Esrah.


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