Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fono samoa

Fono Samoa is a program that brings all the, “Pacific.Island.Presbyterian.Church’s.” together. It is to perform a samoan dance and another culture's dance like Tonga, India and more (the performance is at night.)

This year’s host was Rainui P.I.P.C ( Sisifo \ West Auckland ) this year's theme for Fono Samoa was Toe Afua. It means begin again. All the games and activities where at Tepai stadium. The guest stars(For the day ) was Lape Marina he was the funniest (His presentation is on video on the top) ( From Jamoa Jam) and Filipo Tavega sio ( He wrote ‘The Samoan Who said Yes)

On the first day we had to arrive at the 7:00 am and there was a service.Breakfast was at 9:00am. We had to go to Tepai Stadium to split up into our age groups. But first we had praise and worship.

“ All the primary and intermediate kids go to the Kowhai room number two”! So we did. The first thing we did was JUMP JAM. Then we did some painting on a butterfly.Mine was so ugly.

“Afternoon tea “! They shouted at us as we were working! Seriously everybody was gone in an instant. We had tuna rolls, an apple and milo.

After a few hours we went back to the church and we had dinner we were catered by Manhatten . The curry and the fish was the best. I was pleased with the food but at 7:00pm was the youth rally. ( Guest star RIA was going to sing)

We arrived and then did some praise and worship. My church was the sixth one up on stage (The schedule on the bottom) I was so tired after the youth rally, but it was so fun.

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