Monday, October 17, 2011


I was  walking to the G.I pools I heard a sudden thump. What was it? The flutter board. Miss Squires said, “Give some to Jonathan and Shayne.”
“Darn it,” I said to myself.  

Sitting on the side of the  for  my turn I said to my friend “I can’t wait to swim!” As one by one, people swam past, water was splashing at my face. Entering the pool I shivered and shook.The water was  freezing.

I submerged under the water and  kicked off the wall.Rising to the surface I could hear people cheering “Go go go go”! So I started  doing steady strokes and I furiously kicked. Gasping for breath I could still here everyone cheering. I got out

Walking back in line I watched my friend pass by.Mr Somerville shouted “FREE TIME”,then and Jeryco, my friend, practised flipping off the wall. I saw the next group come so I hopped out of the pool and got changed.Walking back to school I  murmured to Jeryco “Are we going swimming again?”  Sadly he said, “No.” We went to get changed.
              The End

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  1. Love the pictures of the cars...were those the cars in the car park?? Good to hear that you like swimming and that you're a good swimmer. its almost summer so yous can go swimming more often. Keep practising your swimming so that you can get better! Nice story Es. Alofa atu. Aunty Teuila


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