Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Camp was a very great experience because I got to spend time with the boys and I got closer to everyone in my year. I loved the walk it was like an adventure or one of those Bear Grylls trips through the wilderness. Our cabins were really cold it had a concrete floor and about a 2m width.  

On the night before we left for Marsden bay camp I couldn't sleep I was so excited. The morning came I woke up at 7am ready to go.  My dad drove me to school with my cousin Christian (who also is in the same year as me and was coming to camp). We said our goodbyes to our family  and had to go into the hall. One by one Mrs.Nua checked if everyone was here. "100 percent attendance", the bus' arrived , "Yo, Shayne me and you sit next to each other" ,I said. He replied with a nod.

We packed our bags onto the bus and off we went, for the first 10 to 20 minutes it was fun talking with Shayne listening to music,  then I got tired and all I could hear was Henry arguing with all the girls. I told him to be quite, but then I ended up just joining the argument. Finally I just drifted off to sleep. 

When I woke up and we stopped to get out of the bus, I thought we were there but just then we were stopping to go on a 2 hour hike!! First we had to cross a river, with a buddy . Mine was Jonathan. He was scared  of the water so I had to piggy bank him across, 'SPLASH' I slipped on a rock we both fell in, after that we walked the whole tramp soaked.

The food there was great, on the first night we had roasted potato's, beef, and vegetables and I forgot the rest, But it was delicious. But my favorite was the burgers. But unfortunately I didn't eat the desert.

Overall I loved camp, it was good bonding with my peers and spending more time with the boys. The activities was fun but I didn't get to do Archery. My Favorite part of camp was the Camp fire it was fun and really really warm!!

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