Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tiaki Taoga

This morning we completed a speed writing challenge. In just 5 minutes we were expected to Write about our motto this term. Tiaki Taoga. Then we were given 5 minutes to pair share.

Tiaki Taoga  is our motto for this term meaning caring in Maori.It is caring for another and making other people feel good. And caring for our treasures like our people and our community.Making our community safe and fun and taking care of the elders of our community is what we could do to care for our community/our most treasured. Making sure our people are safe and are on the right track to success is an example for  our people.  Our school is also important so we can co-operate with other people and learn to work well with other people, co-operation is a big part of Tiaki Taoga.

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